This website is created by METI (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry) and maintained and operated by AODJ (Ambassadors of Design, Japan) as a METI commissioned project.
This is an information search website to connect companies that are seeking designs, design orientation, and solutions in Japan and abroad with designers who are keen to partner and collaborate with companies.
The users can search for designers who meet their needs for free on JAPAN DESIGNERS.
Our database contains designers in a wide range of industries across Japan. The users can see each designer’s current and past products at one glance.

We integrate and provide a database that focuses on individual designers in Japan as a platform for information of designers to promote the use of designers by companies and individuals in Japan and abroad.

User targets
Companies, organizations, and individuals in Japan and abroad that look for designers.


Website contents
We post information of individual designers across Japan.
The contents focus on individual designers’ information and portfolio (product information) (in Japanese and English)


Registration requirements for designers
1. An individual who is registered with organizations that support the purpose of this project.
2. An individual who receives income through designing.
3. An individual who can seriously commit to designing for companies and individuals in Japan and abroad that intend to use designs.


Benefits for users
• The users can cross-sectionally search information of designers in different design fields, using “‘section to search.”
• The users can find individuals engaged in the design industry at a national level.


Benefits for designers
• Designers can obtain credibility through the database for designers who belong to/are registered with organizations.
• This is the only national database for designers. This can be used by companies, individuals, and organizations in Japan and abroad and serve as a trigger for collaboration.
• As the database is provided in both Japanese and English, it actively transmits information and appeal abroad.
• As the database focuses on individual designers, it provides an opportunity to find the work of the designers who have not been widely recognized.

Notes for users
• Information of each designer is disclosed as it is provided in the registration. Business agreement between the users and designers shall be entered into based on the judgment and responsibilities of both parties.
• JAPAN DESIGNERS shall not be liable for any of registered designers’ and users’ troubles or litigations incurred by the use of this database.
• The purpose of this database is PR of registered designers. The users shall not send email or fax to registered designers for marketing purposes.