Japan Designers’ Association D-8
Japan Designers’ Association (abbr. D-8) was founded in 1966 as an liaison association for 8 design organizations that were incorporated bodies under the control of METI in order to provide a place for information exchange. Today it holds a regular meeting with representatives from 8 design organizations twice a year as an administrative committee.

The first working group started its activities as a “Design protection group” to protect design as intellectual property. The activities have been taken over to the present time. Then, the second working group was founded as the “Japan Design Museum Planning Committee – abbr. JDM.” This group was renamed as “Japan Design Museum (JDM) Research Council” in 2012 and conducts ongoing activities. The administrative committee and these two working groups conduct activities to respect and understand each other and commit to providing solutions to various design related issues in order to contribute to the society.