Our policy for protecting personal information

JAPAN DESIGNERS (hereinafter called ‘JD’) takes the following actions when it collects, use and manage personal information to ensure safety and appropriate use of such information. 
  1. JD takes appropriate measures to protect and manage information which can identify an individual such as a name, address, telephone number and email address (hereinafter called ‘personal information’) from leak, theft, loss and destruction. 
  2. When JD collects personal information, it clarifies the purpose and collection is done within a necessary range for such purpose and receive information voluntarily provided (registered) by the users, in principle.
  3. JD uses personal information provided (registered) by the users only for the collection purpose expressed in advance and never uses such information other than for such purpose and provides such information to other than administrators, unless otherwise specified in ‘Privacy policy’.
  4. JD commits to conducting appropriate management to protect personal information by appointing staff responsible for managing personal information.
  5. JD provides all staff who manages personal information with required security trainings to raise awareness for security.

Privacy policy


1. The purpose of the use of personal information
JAPAN DESIGNERS (hereinafter called JD) uses personal information provided by the users to post on the website based on the purpose of the setup of the website. However, it may send email to applicants for registration under the following circumstances.
• When JD sends them a message or work-related information
• When JD replies to enquiries from them
• When JD conducts questionnaires for the purpose of improving the quality of JD database.


2. Management of personal information

JD takes required actions including maintaining security systems and management systems and providing staff trainings to prevent unlawful access to personal information of registrants and loss, destruction, falsification and leak of such information, ensures security of such information and conducts stringent management of such information.


3. Prohibition of disclosure and provision of personal information to third parties
JD appropriately manages personal information provided by registrants and does not disclose personal information to any third parties except under any of the following circumstances.

• When it is agreed by the registrant
• When it is requested by the business owner
• When it is disclosed to business operators entrusted with work to provide a service the registrant requests
• When it is required to disclose by law


4. Compliance with laws and regulations and review

JD complies with Japanese laws and regulations applicable to personal information and review and improve the contents of this policy as required.


Please contact the following office for enquiries about personal information.

AODJ production office 1-32-12 Higashi Shibuya-Ku Tokyo